Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission

Bandai Namco Entertainment has unveiled the physical Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission – Hero Edition, and its box art is quite crowded.

While Dragon Ball Action RPG Project Z may have been the most notable Dragon Ball related announcement to happen in January, the western release of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission for PC and Nintendo Switch shouldn’t be overlooked, especially by collectible card game fans. Today, Bandai Namco delved into the game a bit further by unveiling a limited physical Hero Edition and releasing a new video about how to create custom cards.

Unfortunately, Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission – Hero Edition has been “graced” with with one the uglier special edition covers in recent memory. It is chock full of text that blocks the great looking standard box art that you can also see below. While the box art may have taken a hit, Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission – Hero Edition does come with five actual physical playing cards based on ones in the game as well as 11 characters that players can instantly gain access to and add to their party.

If you’re dedicated to picking up this game, the Hero Edition does seem like a decent deal for its $60 price. It’s already available on Amazon as well if you are planning on getting it. If you aren’t antiquated with the game, Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission is a collectible card strategy game that is set to have over 1,160 cards featuring 350 different Dragon Ball characters throughout the series’ history. It’s story is connected to the Dragon Ball Xenoverse games, so you may have an easier time jumping in if you played those.

When it comes aforementioned custom cards trailer, the new video makes the whole process seem simple. To create cards, players simply have to go into creation mode, choose their preferred layout, character, effects, and background, give the card super attacks and abilities, and then name the card. These player-created cards can then be used in either Custom Missions or Story Mode.

Those of you who are visual learners and want to know how to create custom cards can check out the video on said topic below. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission is currently poised to release for PC and Nintendo Switch on April 5.

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