Super Mario Bros. Forged from Recycled Cans by Creative Japanese Artist Makaon

Check out these amazing sculptures by Japanese artist Makaton created solely by using recycled tin cans.

The internet is full of fantastic ways you can help the world by recycling used items instead of throwing them in the trash and as the saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and that idiom exactly describes this amazingly crafted art piece by Makaon who is an artist from Japan.

Makaton takes what other people disregard for the sole purpose of transforming them into amazing sculptures by using beer and soft drinks cans to then manipulate the tin into whatever cultural piece she can imagine. In her Mario sculpture, Makaton used red Coke cans for his red hat as well as his shirt and Black Coke Zero cans were used for Mario‘s mustache, hair, and shoes. His blue overalls were then crafted using Suntory Kinmugi beer cans, then finishing his face and gloves with canned cocktail drinks.

Super Mario Bros. Forged from Recycled Cans by Creative Japanese Artist Makaon

We can see Luigi‘s green hat and arms was made from Heiniken cans and just like Mario, Suntory Kinmugi beer cans for his matching overalls. The iconic Mario Bros. isn’t the only thing that Makaton can make – Batman, Pikachu, My Little Pony, and Ultra Man are all part of the incredible lineup.

Makaton uses traditional origami techniques to create these character sculptures, but obviously, instead of bending paper, her source material is tin. You can check out her past and present projects over on her blog subtitled “Making Various Things with Empty Cans”, and on her website, “Empty Can Craft“.

If you wish, you can also check out some more pictures of her work in the gallery below.


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