Super Mario Maker 2 Has Already Surpassed Two Million Course Uploads

The “2” in Super Mario Maker 2 stands for the number of courses that exist.

Super Mario Maker 2 hasn’t even been out for two weeks but, boy, howdy, has that game’s community already created quite a few levels.

As revealed by Nintendo this afternoon, Super Mario Maker 2 has now passed 2 million course uploads in total. That means that since releasing on June 28, the community has uploaded somewhere around 182,000 levels each and every day. That’s pretty darn crazy.

Now, are most of the levels that have been uploaded to Super Mario Maker 2 any good? Probably not! I’d wager that somewhere around 75% of these levels are actually really bad. It doesn’t take much to create a brief level and then upload it to the internet in Super Mario Maker 2. I could do it in about 90 seconds and boom, it still adds to this overall total. Still, it says a lot about the game’s community thus far to have this much traction so early after launch.

I’ve actually been internally debating since launch whether or not I should get Super Mario Maker 2 for myself and I think I’m finally going to cave. With those new Nintendo Switch Voucher-things staring me straight in the face, I think I’m just going to buy a pair and burn one on SMM2. Not sure what I’ll use the other for, though. Might hold out until The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening releases in September.

Anyway, Super Mario Maker 2 is out now on Nintendo Switch. Stay tuned in the coming days as we should hopefully have our review out shortly.

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