Super Mario Maker 2 Players Have Uploaded Over 4 Million Courses

Having been out for over a month, Super Mario Maker 2 has over 4 million user-created levels.

Having been out since the end of June, Nintendo has announced that Super Mario Maker 2 players have uploaded over four million courses.

This news just comes shortly after Nintendo announced that Super Mario Maker 2 has sold over two million copies towards the end of the quarter on June 30. Nintendo has also announced that they’ve sold over 36 million Switch’s worldwide. What makes these sales numbers even more impressive is the game managed to sell that many copies in just three days. Additionally, Super Mario Maker 2 was the top-selling game in June according to the NPD sales numbers. With so many copies sold, it makes complete sense as to how there are so many user-made courses already. Best of all, that number will only increase from here.

Recently, Nintendo announced they’ll be increasing the course upload limit to 64 courses, which is double compared to what it was before. Additionally, Nintendo said they’ll increase the limit one more time in the future.

Among the levels made in the game is an anxiety-inducing recreation of the first level in Super Mario Bros. featuring a plethora of twirling fire bars. One level that players sadly won’t get to experience is “Storm Area 51,” a level that Nintendo deleted due to it being deemed inappropriate. With all these levels and more, Super Mario Maker 2 is a fantastic way to learn some video game designing skills and make some unique Mario levels along the way.

Super Mario Maker 2 is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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