Super Mario Maker 2 Was June’s Top-Selling Game on NPD Charts

Nintendo was again the big winner for the month of June in the U.S. both with hardware and software sales.

In a month sparse with many grand new releases, Nintendo and Super Mario Maker 2 were able to best the competition and top the monthly NPD sales chart for the month of June 2019.

As recently divulged by the NPD Group, Super Mario Maker 2 was June’s best-selling game in the United States for this span of time. Despite launching very near the end of the month, Super Mario Maker 2 beat out Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled which ended up finishing in second on the month. Nitro-Fueled also ended up selling more at launch even compared to Crash Bandicoot N. Sane TrilogyMortal Kombat 11, which is currently 2019’s best-selling game in the U.S., then ended up slotting in at third.

As for the rest of the list this month, it was filled out with older releases rather than new ones. Other new releases in June such as Sega’s Judgment failed to crack the top-20. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night was also somewhat noticeably absent as well.

Here’s the full top-20 for last month on the software chart:

Super Mario Maker 2 Was June's Top-Selling Game on NPD Charts

On the hardware front, Nintendo continued its dominance on the year. The Switch was once again the top-selling platform in June both in units sold and in dollar sales. It also is, unsurprisingly, the best-selling piece of hardware in the first half of the year and continues to show growth year-over-year.

The only other mentionable for this month would continue to be that sales across the gaming industry as a whole continue to be down in 2019. All categories of spending declined compared to June 2018 with the total being 13 percent lower than last year.

Per usual, you can find The NPD Group’s Mat Picatella going over last month’s numbers in greater detail in the video attached below.

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