Super Mecha Champions introduces new character R.E.D and Riko-chan emoji series

NetEase’s anime-inspired Super Mecha Champions has grown considerably with every fresh update. If you missed it at launch, this one’s a mech battler that pulls heavily from the battle royale genre.

You’ll duke it out with online opponents in your custom-built mech in the hopes of claiming victory and earning neat rewards. The game’s latest update adds an all-new character known as R.E.D, as well as the Riko-chan emoji series.

R.E.D is described as a rebellious teenager with a kind heart. She’s said to have suffered a fairly rough start in life, though her negative experiences have led her to fight oppression and help those in need whenever she can. She’s easy to root for and comes packing quite a punch.

Mecha pilots do love to chat using emojis, and so NetEase has opted to improve the game’s social functionality by adding a new emoji series available for all players in the SMC arena. Spamming emojis could also be seen as a strategic move, pestering your opponents and breaking their concentration.

Super Mecha Champions has proved to be incredibly popular with fans of the genre, even picking up Google’s Most Innovative Game award in Thailand and Indonesia last year. You may already know that season 3 has been extended to the start of March following the success of Frozen Raid and the arrival of Snow Mode and its winter-themed items.

You’ll find further info over on the game’s official site. And if you haven’t already done so, you can download Super Mecha Champions as a free-to-play title from both the App Store and Google Play. It’s a neat mix of action-packed mech fighting and fast-paced battle royale chaos.

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