Super Monkey Ball for Switch, PS4 looks like a remake of the so-so Banana Blitz

Super Monkey Ball is back for Nintendo Switch, PC and PlayStation 4. The downside? Screenshots released so far suggest it’s a remake of 2006 Wii launch title Banana Blitz.

Images posted online today (thanks, Famitsu) show levels from the ageing Wii title – although there’s nothing yet which rules out other bits and pieces being included too. More details are due in a couple of days, when Famitsu’s next print issue is released.

For now, though, we know this new version will launch in Japan on 31st October for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, with a PC release set for December. We’re checking with Sega here for details on a local version.

Image credit: Famitsu.

Banana Blitz was not the worst game in the Monkey Ball series, but it was far from the best entry, either. The seventh Monkey Ball overall, it featured 100 main game levels and 50 mini-games which used the Wii Remote’s motion controls. (Yes, one of those included mini-games was Monkey Target.)

But it also added some new features which proved divisive with fans – the ability to jump over obstacles, plus a bunch of long-winded boss fights.

And, personally, I remember missing the accuracy of the old GameCube originals played with a proper pad – something which was never replicated with motion controls. Perhaps this new version will be an improvement without the requirement to use those?

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