Super Robot Wars DD Gets New Gameplay, Super Robot Wars V Launches on Switch in English This October

Summary of the August 2019 Super Robot Wars stream. Robotics;Notes and Ryu Knight join X-Ω for a time-limited event, Kyosuke and Alteisen join DD.

Bandai Namco held on August 2 a stream for the Super Robot Wars franchise, giving news updates on mobile games Super Robot Wars X-Ω (Cross Omega) and Super Robot Wars DD, and on upcoming mecha toys.

Following the announcement that Super Robot Wars V and Super Robot Wars X will be launching on Switch and PC via Steam, Bandai Namco Asia also announced the Asia English Switch version of Super Robot Wars V will be launching on October 3, the same date as in Japan. The Steam versions of SRW V and X still have no release dates.

At the beginning of the stream, Bandai Namco published a new trailer for the Switch and Steam releases of Super Robot Wars V, for those unfamiliar with the game. Producer Shohei Mogami also recapped all the info regarding the game. Nothing particularly worth mentioning was said so let’s move on.

Next was the Super Robot Wars X-Ω corner, where it was revealed with a trailer that Mages’ Robotics;Notes will be joining the cast for a time-limited event. Robotics; Notes Elite will launch on PS4, Switch and PC in 2020 in the west. Its sequel, Robotics;Notes DaSH, is already available in Japan, and the game was announced in the west by Spike Chunsoft, but without a release date estimate.

Producer Terada mentioned how Super Robot Wars‘ development team B.B Studio and Robotics; Notes‘ development team Mages, are actually located in the same building, so they actually know each other, and it facilitated this collaboration event.

It was also announced that Ryu Knight will be joining Super Robot Wars X-Ω‘s cast for a time-limited event. They also spoke about the upcoming OG-themed event, which was written by Souichiro Morizumi, one of the creators of Super Robot Wars OG and the Super Robot Wars OG Endless Frontier spinoff games. Souichiro Morizumi worked at Monolith Soft, on all their crossover games linked together: Namco x Capcom, Endless Frontier, and Project X Zone 1&2. He left the company in 2017 though, so it’s nice to see him back working on a story related to all that in some way. Producer Terada mentioned he wrote parts of the story event too, and said how it was fun working with Morizumi again.

Next was the Super Robot Wars DD corner, with Producer Akai, and the seiyuu Yohei Azakami and Yuki Nagaku. They respectively voice Dido and Meg.

Sadly, they still haven’t revealed a release date for Super Robot Wars DD, and it’s still scheduled to release between summer and fall 2019. However, the game’ app store and google play pages are up now, meaning it’ll probably launch very soon.

We then got to see Super Robot Wars DD live gameplay. They showcased the game’s territory battles, which are basically a succession of battles. Basically, you keep the same HP, the same ammo, uses of ultimate moves, etc as you clear through battles, so it’s best to save up as much as possible as you go on. Most of the stuff they explained are things you’ll get simply by watching the gameplay so I’ll avoid spending too much time on it.

Azakami played SRW DD live for quite a while and we got to see a lot of new attack animations and support cutins. There’s one with Devilman’s Miki at some point which is super cute. While most of the support cutin in the game have the girl’s chest bouncing, Miki is one of the few ones who don’t. They all jokingly noted how “you can feel the era” and how “back then, you didn’t need to make a girl’s breasts bounce for them to be cute”. Needless to say, it’s not like sexual fanservice in anime started yesterday, but if you’ve read such an article this far, you probably already know what they meant and I don’t need to explain.

Anyway, there are support characters chips for male characters too, and we also got to see Dido’s support cutin at some point, with Meg attacking. It’s quite interesting as just like the girls, it also focuses on their legs, or his bare feet in Dido’s case, his chest, and his face. Yuki Nagaku asked if there are any guys with bouncing chests as well. Terada answered there’s probably not enough players who’d get happy seeing that for them to do it. Certain characters like Evangelion‘s Rei Ayanami have some pretty cool support cutins too.

Next, they revealed that Super Robot Wars OG‘s Kyosuke Nanbu and his Alteisen will be joining the cast of Super Robot Wars DD.

Kyosuke has a brand new artwork for the occasion, which was drawn by one of Super Robot Wars‘ veteran character designers, Sachiko Kouno. It’s been years since we got a new artwork of Kyosuke from her, so it’s really awesome.

Producer Terada explained how he actually initially didn’t want to put characters from SRW OG in SRW DD, but Producer Akai and Producer Mogami convinced him otherwise. When deciding on who to pick, they saw Akai and how much he likes Kyosuke, so they picked him. Producer Akai joked how it was worth it wearing Kyosuke’s cosplay for years now during the streams.

Producer Terada also explained that the Alteisen appearing in SRW DD is based on the Alteisen design drawn by Masami Obari for the 2010 anime Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector. Altseisen’s Revolving Stake attack is also named “Revolving Stake OS (Obari Shot)”.

Next was the toys corner, and then the stream ended after a recap of all the info. There was no “Producer Terada reveals old stuff or unused ideas” corner this stream. Speaking of that, I haven’t covered the one from the previous stream, where Terada showed over 20 years old unused mecha designs. It was quite long so I didn’t get the time to get to it yet, but an article for that should be coming soon.

Meanwhile, Super Robot Wars T, the latest in the series, is currently available in English on PS4 and Switch. The game wasn’t announced for PC like SRW V and SRW X. It’ll definitely come around at some point though, seeing SRW T is the highest overseas selling title of the series.

Here are the usual end of stream photos from the official Twitters:

The usual shot with everyone who was on stream together.

Super Robot Wars X-Ω‘s Producer Oouchi and the protagonist’s seiyuu Kenji Akabane are apologizing because the game’s latest update screwed up things and some people couldn’t play anymore. They apologized about it on stream too.

The other shot is Yuki Nagaku, Yohei Azakami, and SRW DD‘s Producer Akai.

Yuki Nagaku said the stream was tons of fun on Twitter, posting a shot of her with Azakami, and Akabane’s face poking out. As a side note, Yohei Azakami is also the protagonist of Shin Sakura Taisen.

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