Super Robot Wars DD Next Update Adds World 5, Amuro Ray Piloting Mazinger Z

Aldnoah Zero gets in Super Robot Wars. Amuro Ray in Mazinger Z is the first new Crossing Pilot event, written by Takanobu Terada and Project X Zone’s Souichiro Morizumi. New toys revealed.

Bandai Namco held a new Super Robot Wars stream on December 12. You can access the stream’s Youtube page here. These streams, called the Nama Suparobo Channel, are mostly monthly and feature new information on the ongoing mobile games Super Robot Wars X-Ω (pronounced Cross Omega) and Super Robot Wars DD, and new info on mecha toys. This is also where new Super Robot Wars games are announced, but this time’s stream didn’t have a new game announcement. In fact, they kept joking through the stream that Producer Takanobu Terada doesn’t have much to say this time. The biggest and most shocking announcement was SRW DD adding Amuro Ray piloting Mazinger Z.

The stream started with the SRW Cross Omega corner, where it was announced Jushin Liger, and Gundam Build Fighters Battlogue are the next time-limited additions to the game. Code Geass first season is also coming back for a time-limited event to celebrate Lelouch’s birthday.

They also chatted about the upcoming Project Sakura Wars/Shin Sakura Taisen time-limited event in SRW Cross Omega. New illustrations were specifically made for it, seen above. A short trailer showing each member of the New Flower Division was shown too:

SRW Cross Omega is a mobage, and just like most mobage it uses sexual fanservice to sell , so they funnily added a breast bouncing animation to Sakura Amamiya’s cut-in. Seijuro’s seiyuu Yohei Azakami was present too, and he stayed the whole stream seeing he also voices SRW DD‘s protagonist. During the stream, Terada again mentioned how he often gets mixed up with Sakura Taisen producer Takaharu Terada, and how people tend to say even their voices are similar.

Next was the SRW DD corner, with Producer Red making multiple announcements, shown in the trailer below.

First off, Super Robot Wars DD is getting its first major update, adding a World 5 with new series.

  • Martian Successor Nadesico: The Prince of Darkness
  • Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3
  • Gundam Wing Endless Waltz
  • UFO Robo Grendizer
  • Aldnoah Zero

This is the first time ever Aldnoah Zero is appearing in the Super Robot Wars series.

A new OG girl named Eunice Airy was also revealed. She’s voiced by Misaki Watada and designed by Keiji Yamamoto, under his pen name Chou Niku. Eunice is an excellent software engineer and is a positive-thinking woman. She’s the OG character in World 5 and is piloting a Graphdin like the other girls.

Terada said Eunice is older than she looks and not a loli character. Misaki Watada, while chatting about Eunice, accidentally read the profile she got for the audition, spoiling Eunice is an alien or related to aliens.

Terada also mentioned you can’t see it on Eunice’s illustration and it probably won’t be seen in the game, but her outfit has high back exposure. They joked that maybe they’ll do a back-focusing cut-in for her. Terada also said in the first draft Chou Niku did, you could pretty much see all down to her butt, so he told him to change it a little. Misaki Watada said she likes Eunice’s design and how cute it is, especially the ribbon. It’s also her first time ever voicing a mecha pilot character, and the first role where she had to shout so much.
Watada also asked if she could tweet about Eunice right away now that she got officially revealed, making the others tease her about being a “Reiwa person”. Kenji Akabane mentioned himself and other seiyuu at her age didn’t have the guts to ask something like that during a stream.

The trailer also revealed Super Robot Wars DD will add Masaki Ando and Cybaster. Just like with Kyousuke, Masaki got a new illustration by Sachiko Kouno. It’s the first time in a while she drew Masaki.

Lastly, the trailer reveals Super Robot Wars DD is getting brand new events called Crossing Pilot events. For the first time ever, the Super Robot Wars series will make a playable character from one series pilot a playable mecha from another completely unrelated series. The first Crossing Event will be Gundam’s Amuro Ray piloting Kabuto Kouji’s Mazinger Z.

Producer Terada explained the Crossing Pilot events. Amuro has specific lines for the event which Tōru Furuya recorded. Crossing Pilot events will be standalone stories with no relation to the main story of SRW DD. Moreover, each story will be kept pretty simplistic, but it’ll still be interesting. Terada wrote the story himself, with advice from Souichiro Morizumi, who used to work on SRW OG games in the past, took a break from the series, but is now back on SRW since 2019. Souchiro Morizumi used to work at Monolith and was also the producer of Namco x Capcom and all its sequels/spiritual successors: Mugen no Frontier SRW OG, Mugen no Frontier Exceed SRW OG, Project X Zone, and Project X Zone 2. As a side note, Mugen no Frontier Exceed recently got a translation patch.

Akabane jokingly said he wanna see Gundam OO‘s Setsuna pilot Mazinger Z too so he’ll say “I am Mazinger Z”. Terada said he shouldn’t have expectations that high. Seeing they picked Amuro Ray in Mazinger Z as the first event, I believe he’s hinting that they’ll only do the most iconic crossovers possible.

Next was the toys corner, where they showed some of the upcoming Sakura Taisen HG toys, and announced new Soul of Steel toys. I won’t be translating the details for each toy but those interested can find screenshots below.

The stream ended with the “I hate when this happens in SRW games” corner by the comedy duo MCs. It’s the first time in months they did that.

When everyone said their goodbyes, Terada said he doesn’t yet when the next SRW stream will be, meaning there shouldn’t be one in January 2020. Just like I hoped, the SRW series seems to be taking a break from yearly releases.

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