Super Robot Wars V Launches This October On PC Via Steam

The tactical RPG and mecha crossover series is officially coming to PC for the first time ever.

Bandai Namco revealed the release date of Super Robot Wars V on Steam. The game will launch on October 4. The date was revealed by the official Super Robot Wars series Twitter account.

While no official word was published regarding that yet, you should keep in mind though that the English version of the game should be region-locked to the South East Asia version of Steam. Meaning if you want to play Super Robot Wars in English on your PC,  you’ll have to go through some steamy detours.

Super Robot Wars V first launched in 2017 on PS4 and PS Vita, with an Engish version. The game is now coming to Switch on October 3 and PC on October 4.  You can catch here the announcement trailer for the Switch and PC version of SRW V.

Super Robot Wars X is also coming to Switch and PC via Steam later on. The new mobile game in the series, Super Robot Wars DD, is also available in Japan. 

The latest, brand new main game in the series is Super Robot Wars T, available in English on PS4 and Switch. It’s highly likely it’ll get announced on Steam one day seeing the game’s tremendous success.

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