Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Sets EVO Record for Highest Viewership

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate broke the record for highest peak viewership in EVO history this past weekend.

We knew that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was going to pull big numbers at EVO this year. It had the most competitors registered and headlined the entire tournament. What we didn’t know was that it was going to set a new record.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate now holds the record for the highest peak viewership for any game in EVO history. According to esports expert Rod BreslauIt, it had over 279,000 viewers on Twitch at its peak.

Keep in mind that this number comes from all combined streams of the game while it was at EVO, not just EVO’s main stream. Dragon Ball FighterZ still holds the record for the highest peak viewership on EVO’s main stream at 258,000 viewers–a feat it accomplished last year. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate isn’t terribly far behind that number. Its peak viewership on EVO’s main stream was around 233,000 this year.

Comparing the viewership of all streams combined versus EVO’s main stream might seem unfair. However, most channels streaming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate were watching its gameplay at EVO, just with their own commentary. Views on those streams should be counted towards EVO’s total viewership. The number of views coming from those streaming their own gameplay is likely negligible enough that Dragon Ball FighterZ still gets beaten out.

The math gets a little hazy and there’s definitely some guesswork involved in bestowing this record. Regardless, the viewership Super Smash Bros. Ultimate pulled this year is worthy of recognition.

You can purchase Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch if you’re interested in eventually joining the tournament scene. Dragon Quest XI‘s hero joined the battle just last week.

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