SuperEpic Is a Metroidvania That Laughs at Micro-Transactions, Launches December

Numskull Games announced SuperEpic, an upcoming game that has a raccoon and llama duo trying to save video games from micro-transactions.

Numskull Games yesterday announced SuperEpic an upcoming game developed by Undercoders, a Metroidvania style game that satirizes micro-transactions.

SuperEpic is a non-linear action-adventure game with a 16-bit art style that utilizes combo-based combat and allows players to explore the levels as they battle enemies, complete challenges, and uncover secrets.

The story itself —said to offer 8 hours of gameplay— focuses on an unlikely duo, a raccoon and a llama who work together to sabotage Regnantcorp, a video game development company in control of an Orwellian society. They control said society by getting citizens addicted to their free video games by introducing adaptative and addictive algorithms. The two heroes are capable of leveling up and powering up but through means of in-game “economy system”. SuperEpic itself doesn’t have real micro-transactions.

SuperEpic can be played through two game modes. The one is the standard single-player story that features handcrafted levels. The other mode is a roguelike where the game’s map is procedurally generated, offering different runs. Throughout the game, there will be hidden QR codes that can be scanned with your real-world mobile device and will introduce a mini-game you can complete on your mobile phone. These, in turn, unlock secrets in the actual game.

SonoTrigger brings the soundtrack of the game, and players will get “tons” of achievements and secrets to unlock.

Undercoders, back in 2017 launched Conga Master Party for the Nintendo Switch after previously being available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Numskull Games formed earlier this year and has recently been behind producing the physical edition of Nintendo Switch’s Deadly Premonition Origins.

You can expect to see SuperEpic heading to PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch this December

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