Supply Drops Have Returned to Black Ops 4 in the Form of Reserve Crates

Despite a relatively smooth and content-packed update, Operation Grand Heist for Black Ops 4 introduces one other feature: loot boxes.

Well, well, well. I genuinely didn’t think I would have to write this story at all during Black Ops 4’s lifecycle, and yet, here we are. While Operation Grand Heist added a lot of good content when it launched earlier today, there’s one thing that was added back into the game that tons of people are having a problem with: loot boxes.

Now called Reserve Crates, these glorified Supply Drops include three pieces of content from both previous and current content seasons for 200 COD points a piece (roughly $1.99). Now, to be fair, these crates can also be earned in-game via normal playtime, however, those crates will only net you one item, as opposed to the aforementioned three.

Right now, it’s unknown how long it’ll take you to earn one of the single item Reserve Crates in-game, however, I played roughly around three hours total of the game today (not counting offline custom games and such) and was able to earn one Reserve Crate and got well on my way to the second, so it doesn’t seem absolutely terrible.

Funnily enough, the patch notes for the update make very little mention of these changes. In the actual patch notes, it only says that the new update includes a “revamped Black Market,” so something tells me Treyarch knew that there would be a backlash and were trying to mitigate it. Still, that’s only speculation.

Other than that little game-changing piece of information, however, Operation Grand Heist is great. The update brings changes and additions to all modes in the game in the form of new game modes and maps for Multiplayer, new map updates and characters for Blackout, and new Gauntlet challenges for Zombies.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

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