Swery and Suda51 Tease Secret Project, More Details Coming Later Today

Swery and Suda51 will be on a stream today to chat about a secret project they’re working on together.

IGN Japan announced their Travis Monday Nightro 2 stream on October 23 will feature both Swery and Suda51, chatting about a “secret project”. The stream will be happening at 19:00 JST (click here for time conversions.)

We only have a few hours to make some guesses on what this secret project could be, though I doubt we’ll get a full reveal either. The first non-obvious link between Swery and Suda51 which came to my mind is their relation to the spiritual. Everyone knows Swery’s background and how he comes from a family of Buddhist monks. What’s a bit less known is that before getting hired by Human to make wrestling games, kicking off his game developer career, Suda51 used to work at a funeral home. Swery also spoke multiple times in the past about how his background is what drives him to make games with a huge human factor. That’s definitely something we can expect from their Secret Project.

The stream will include an English summary; I’ll be watching it in Japanese and reporting with my own summary as well, so stay tuned. We’ll be updating this article or publish a new one when we learn more.

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