System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition Confirmed

Nightdive confirms that they are remastering the classic System Shock 2.

Nightdive Studios certainly has their hands full at the moment. They had planned to release a remake of System Shock in 2018, but this timeline was too ambitious. They are still hard at work on that project and looking at a release window no sooner than 2020. In addition to managing that remake, Nightdive has now confirmed that they are remastering System Shock 2. The release of this new enhanced edition is “coming soon.”

Remaking a game is one thing, and remastering is another. And though Nightdive hasn’t successfully remade System Shock (yet), the developer has already remastered a number of older titles, including TurokBlood: Fresh Supply, and even the first System Shock. In fact, Nightdive’s reputation has been built upgrading older titles and making them more compatible with modern computer systems. In addition to fixing bugs, this means providing a number of quality-of-life improvements, like higher resolution support, rebindable mouse and keyboard controls, and an adjustable field-of-view. All of Nightdive’s remasters come equipped with new Steam achievements.

It looks like System Shock 2 is getting a similar treatment. This is good news–the game is a classic, and it helped pioneer science-fiction and cyberpunk styled role-playing with its release in 1999. And while the game still looks great even by today’s standards, a few touch-ups won’t go unappreciated. Soon, you’ll have a great reason to experience System Shock 2 again.

There’s no word on any official release date for the System Shock 2 remaster, but we will keep you updated with any news we hear from Nightdive. In the meantime, both System Shock 2 and System Shock: Enhanced Edition are currently available on Steam and GOG for $9.99, and the remake of System Shock is still looking awesome.

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