Tales of Arise Gets New Story, Characters Details and Trailer at Tokyo Game Show 2019

Tales of Arise probably won’t launch till at least mid-2020 seeing they’re around half-done with the recording.

Bandai Namco held a stage event for Tales of Arise on September 15, the final day of Tokyo Game Show 2019. The event featured Tales of Arise Producer Yusuke Tomizawa, and the seiyuu of the two protagonists revealed so far: Takuya Sato who voices Alphen, and Shino Shimoji who voices Shionne.

Multiple new details regarding Tales of Arise’s story and worldbuilding were shared. And a new trailer was revealed at the end. Here are the main points from the stage event:

  • In Tales of Arise, all things and living beings hold energy called “Astral Energy”. It’s written as “the spiritual energy of planets” in Japanese. It’s a type of energy linked to the planets of Dahna and Rena where the game takes place.
  •  The inhabitants of Rena like Shionne can use “Astral Artes” which uses this energy and it’s basically magic.
  • Shionne can use healing magic.
  • When people from Rena use magic, their eyes turn blue.
  • Besides suffering from memory loss, Alphen also actually can’t feel pain. But it’s not like he’s not immortal either.
  • The flame sword used by Alphen is also a type of magic Shionne can use, but Alphen’s the only one who can wield the sword. Why the sword is coming out directly from her body is a secret they can’t explain yet.
  • Takuya Sato jokingly said Alphen is burning himself all the time wielding such a dangerous sword so nice thing he can’t feel pain. The trailer later revealed he actually does get burned, and Shionne heals him every time.
  • The game’s recording isn’t done yet, and at around 40% done. In my opinion, this means the game won’t release until at least mid-2020 or even late 2020.
  • We also get to hear Takuya Sato (Timestamp) and Shino Shimoji  (Timestamp) voice some lines live.
  • Takuya Sato mentioned how he asked a lot of questions to the staff to voice Alphen as best as possible. For example, whether he can see well with the mask on or if his field of vision gets reduced.
  • Alphen has no memories and can’t feel pain, but he’s not emotionless. On the contrary, the fact that he’s missing these things makes him very emotional, like someone who’d get honed senses to compensate the ones they’re missing.
  • Shionne is burdened with a curse called the “Rose’s Curse”. Anyone she touches ends up feeling unbearing pain. Its something that always activates when she touches someone, even unconsciously, regardless of her own will. That’s also part of why she acts arrogantly, that way people don’t approach her. In truth, she’s actually very lonely.

They also showed this new background on stream, talking about how Tales of Arise has beautiful graphics and lightning while keeping an anime illustrations-like aesthetics.

Lastly, the new trailer was shown at the end of the stage event. The trailer teases a new female character with a mascot-like character, but don’t reveal her face.

Tales of Arise launches in 2020 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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