Talking Tom developer Outfit7 announces new games, new IP, and new character 'Talking Becca'

Now heading into its second decade of business, Talking Tom developer Outfit7 is ready to begin the next step in its journey as a multinational entertainment behemoth. For us, what that means is several interesting announcements, including a new interactive pet game, an all-new IP, and a new character in the Talking Tom series known as Talking Becca.

I first learned of the team’s latest interactive pet game during their 10th anniversary event in Barcelona last week. The currently unnamed title looks like a solid advancement of the well-loved Talking Tom formula, with a fresh look and myriad new systems to play with. Not much information was supplied beyond that, though the gameplay I saw looked very polished, maybe suggesting it’s fairly far along in development.

The new IP, which I also saw very briefly, is a competitive team-based arena game. It’s totally unlike anything I’ve seen from Outfit7 before, boasting a neat twist that is in keeping with the studio’s sense of humour. Again, this one seems to be fairly far along in development.

Finally, I also got to see the design of the latest character entering the Talking Tom universe, Talking Becca. She’ll make her grand debut during season 4 of the popular Talking Tom and Friends animated series over on YouTube.

In the meantime, you could check out the team’s latest game, Talking Tom Hero Dash, over on the App Store and Google Play. That one is of course a fast-paced, hero-themed runner – totally different from Outfit7’s usual Tamagotchi-like games. If you’d like to find out more about the history of Outfit7, we’ve got a full feature on the studio’s growth from a small start-up to a multinational giant. And be sure to look for our interview with Boris Dolenc, Outfit7’s Chief Creative Officer, later this week. 

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