Team Rocket appear in Pokémon Go as Team Go Rocket, update also introduces Shadow Pokémon

Niantic have released a new update for their signature product, Pokémon Go, which adds in a new, mischevious antagonist faction, as well as a new way to gain Pokémon.

Team GO Rocket can now invade Pokestops, leading to trainer battles with the footsoldiers of the new faction, as part of a new update to Pokémon Go. Over on Pokemongohub they’ve reported that the update seems to, intiitally, have affected trainers who are at Level 40 within the game — which means that only long term players will be able to try out this new feature.

The effected Pokestops appear to have a foggy, deep-purple cloud above them, and when players spin them to interact with them they are presented with a Team Go Rocket duel. Once the grunt’s Shadow Pokémon (multiple) are defeated you receive a chance to capture one of the trainer’s Pokémon. If you succeed then you gain the Pokémon.

Shadow Pokémon are different that normal Pokémon in that you cannot use them until they have been purified of the influence of Team Go Rocket. This can be done using a small amount of stardust, and will result in its moves being changed and stats being raised.

Perhaps the most exciting element of the new update comes in the fact that we are starting to see proper, realised battles with NPCS, as well as a more bite-sized story which delivers on the good-vs-evil substories which penetrate all of the core entries of the series.

Will we see more Shadow Pokémon soon? Maybe. At the moment there only seems to be a handful of Pokémon which can be collected in this way, however this — and the level cap for who can access the battles — will hopefully change over time.

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