Teamfight Tactics Season 2 Includes Hero Overhaul, New Items, and More

Teamfight Tactics: Rise of the Elements is the second season of Riot’s popular autobattler set in the League of Legends universe.

Teamfight Tactics is Riot’s answer to the massively popular DOTA Auto Chess mod. TFT is a standalone autobattler set in the growing League of Legends universe. The game did incredibly well in its early beta stage and is now preparing to enter full release. Alongside the move, the game is getting a second season worth of content in the form of the new Rise of Elements update.

Rise of the Elements rotates in a ton of new champions. Just like in every autobattler, the goal is to combine your champions and power them up on your way to victory. Each champion falls under one of 13 different elements. These give them various boosts when you use multiple champions from the same element. Likewise, the champions are further differentiated by their class, which offers further customization of tactics.

Of course, for Teamfight Tactics veterans, this all pretty basic stuff. The joy of getting a new season will be learning how to best use that brand-new set of champions. The new season is also adding elements to the map, which can have various effects based on which is active. At the start, there will be four elements available, though it’s easy to see more being added. Either way, they should provide an easy way to inject more variability into the game, making team-building even more diverse.

Teamfight Tactics: Rise of the Elements is coming soon to PC. A mobile app is coming in 2020, which should make the already popular game explode in player count.

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