Tekken 7 Sales Cross Four Million Copies Sold Worldwide

Tekken continues to dominate the fighting game community as the seventh entry has just reached over four million sales worldwide.

Today, Bandai Namco announced that Tekken 7 has sold over four million copies worldwide. Since the game’s launch, the development team has pushed out multiple content drops in the form of DLC as well as balance updates. New celebratory artwork was released showcasing the game’s returning cast that you can check out down below.

Tekken 7 launched in Japanese arcades back in 2015 and on consoles worldwide in 2017. It has since remained one of the most widely played titles in the fighting game community. The game will be making a return at EVO 2019 in early August with the third-highest entry numbers. Just under 2,000 players will be competing in Tekken 7 this year so it’s safe to say we can expect a really entertaining tournament.

Fans can probably expect new announcements for the game at EVO 2019. With the next console generation coming up, it’ll be interesting to see if Tekken 7 will continue with another season of characters even though the roster is already sitting at a healthy 45. It seems like it’d be a little too soon for a new Tekken title to be announced, however, with the next console generation fans are probably wondering how many of the competitive games they love playing will transition over.

Of course, Sony has already announced that their upcoming console will be backward compatibility so we might just be getting more Tekken 7 in the future. Judging by the popularity of the game, I’m sure many hardcore fans don’t mind playing more Tekken 7 on next-generation hardware.

Tekken 7 is available right now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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