Telltale Games is Being Resurrected Under New Ownership

Telltale Games is back and will continue to focus on story-driven adventure games.

After abruptly closing its doors nearly one year ago, Telltale Games is now returning, at least in name.

Company LCG Entertainment has recently purchased the assets of Telltale Games and is now looking to make a return. According to a new report from Polygon, it is said that LCG will look to sell Telltale’s older catalog of games in addition to working on new titles based on properties already associated with the studio. Completely new licensed games are also said to be in the works.

Jamie Ottilie and Brian Waddle will be the heads of this new iteration of Telltale. Those who worked at the studio in the past are said by Ottilie to be offered contract roles at the company that may one day become full-time positions. So while this new Telltale will only be called such in name, the staff itself clearly won’t be identical to what was there before.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this revival is that this new iteration of Telltale Games still has the rights to properties such as The Wolf Among Us and Batman. At the time of the studio’s closure last year, a planned sequel to The Wolf Among Us was canceled alongside the shuttering of the company. That project now seems to potentially have hope of returning.

The one property that this new Telltale won’t be working with for certain though is that of The Walking Dead. After the events of last year, Skybound ended up purchasing the rights to The Walking Dead before then finishing the game’s final season earlier this year. In addition, the rights to create a Stranger Things adventure game have also now gone back to Netflix.

As for what’s next, Ottilie says that Telltale will stay small at first and will work on developing tools and technology primarily. The classic episodic structure that Telltale has previously been known for might also be changing, to a degree. “We will probably keep the concept of episodes but with different pacing,” Ottilie said. He went on to mention bing watching specifically, making it sound as though perhaps multiple episodes of a certain game may drop simultaneously.

Regardless of what might be next for this new version of Telltale, hopefully, it will be able to rectify the mistakes of the studio’s past. Under new leadership and with a better vision moving forward, perhaps Telltale can actually have a new life and continue creating the games that so many adore.

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