Teppen cheats, tips – Full list of EVERY Unit and Action card

Teppen is the latest mobile card battler to appear on our devices, and against all odds, it’s actually pretty good.

We’ve seen some of the biggest names in gaming try their hands at throwing their characters together for a mobile title. There was that Sega thing recently, whatever that was called, and it’s certainly not Capcom’s first attempt either. Though, this has to be Capcom’s best attempt at a mobile game yet, full stop.

In Teppen we see several heroes face off against the same selection of heroes, all while battling using cards which draw from Capcom’s wide mythology. Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, Street Fighter, Mega Man, and much more are represented in Teppen. We won’t point out the omissions too much, but I am wondering where Okami and Ace Attorney are.

Nevertheless, Teppen is a darn good card battler, and like any good card game, it has a lot of cards. 284, by our count. Yes, two hundred and eighty four. And we’ve typed out the details and effects of every single one of them in this article. The things I do for content.

They are split between Action cards and Unit cards, across four different elemental types. In the lists below, we’ve gone through each and every card in each of the four elemental types, so you can easily use Ctrl+F to find the cards you want, their effects, and how they stack up against the other cards in the game.

This will become an invaluable resource if you’re a keen deck builder, and to that effect, we’ve got a nice deck building guide for you to check out too, right here.

If you haven’t even got to the deck building stage yet, not to worry, we have a nice guide on what exactly Teppen is and how to play it right here.

We’ve got a lot of cards to show you, so take a look at the list below…


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