Tetris 99 is getting offline multiplayer later this year on Switch • Eurogamer.net

As part of its paid DLC.

Tetris 99, Switch’s excellent battle royale twist on the classic block dropping puzzler, is getting a second helping of DLC later this year, this time with a focus on offline multiplayer.

The new DLC has appeared on Nintendo’s Australian website and, although specifics are scarce, it promises to add a mode enabling participants to “play offline with friends and family”.

Tetris 99 originally launched as an online-only game exclusive to subscribers of Nintendo’s online service. However, it gained a first batch of offline modes back in May, as part of an 8.99 add-on known as the Big Block DLC.

The Big Block DLC enabled anyone to play a version of the game offline, and incorporated a classic Marathon mode and new CPU battles emulating Tetris 99’s online experience, albeit against 98 bots. By contrast, the new DLC will introduce some form of offline multiplayer mode against fellow humans – although, presumably, Nintendo isn’t expecting anyone to cram 98 other bodies into their living room in order to enjoy it.

Tetris 99’s new mode will be made available as part of the existing Big Block DLC when it launches before the end of the year.

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