Tetris Classic World Champion Jonas Neubauer Passed Away

Seven time NES Tetris champion Jonas Neubauer recently passed away due to a medical emergency, according to his social media account.

Jonas Neubauer, one of the greatest classic Tetris players ever and a vibrant member of the community, recently passed away. The tragic announcement was made on his official Twitter account on January 8th, with many fans coming together to mourn his loss. Even the official Tetris Twitter account posted a heartfelt status update in tribute to Neubauer:

Neubauer was 60 years old at the time of his passing. He was a bartender by trade, a seven time world champion of the NES version of Tetris, and was a Twitch partner.

The Tetris Twitter account has always had a finger on the pulse of its community. In a more hilarious example, they joked about how the iconic “L” block could be included in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate because of Minecraft Steve being added to the massive crossover fighting game.

Last year the Tetris Effect soundtrack was made available on Amazon, Google Play, and YouTube Music and in total features 40 thumping songs, or about three hours of music. There’s also a vinyl version if you prefer physical. Publisher Enhance Games also announced that Tetris Effect is available for Oculus Quest owners to play in VR. You can pick the game up now from the Oculus Store for $29.99 to begin playing with the Quest, and if you’re still on the fence check out our glowing review here.

Meanwhile Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 launched last year, featuring among other improvements an enhanced Adventure mode. It looks to build on everything the first had, complete with a zany story that sees you battling against the diabolical Dimensional Parasite. Players will have an overworld to navigate around, which opens up the options for branching paths, secrets, and unlockables. As you move through the stages, you’ll level up your character and earn item cards. These will open up new strategies in the new Skill Battles, which serve as a fun way to put your skills to the test. Read our review here.

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