The Biggest Announcements Nintendo’s Indie World Presentation

Check out all the top indie titles shown off during the Nintendo presentation earlier today.

This morning Nintendo had their Indie World presentation and showcased upcoming indie titles for the Switch platform. The 20-minute stream showed off a variety of different games releasing sometime in 2019 or 2020. Some of those games include Risk of Rain 2Hotline Miami, and Ori and the Blind Forest.

Below is a list of prominent games shown during the indie presentation.

Risk of Rain 2 – Summer 2019

The co-op shooting roguelike from Hopoo Games is making its way to Nintendo Switch. It originally came out on PC in March earlier this year. More information regarding the port will be announced on August 30 at PAX West.

Eastward – 2020

The colorful and artistic adventure game Eastward from Chuckelfish is releasing on the Nintendo platform in 2020. With its beautiful art style and charismatic characters, this is a title I would keep on your radar.

Freedom Finger – Fall 2019

Freedom Fighter is a wild-looking space shooter with a star cast of Nolan North, John DiMaggio, and Sam Riegel. Grab your enemies as your weapon and shoot your way to victory later this fall. It’s also coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Skater XL – 2020

You looking for Skate on Switch? Well, this is probably the closest you’re going to get to that experience. Skate your way through parks and grind on rails when Skater XL makes its way to Switch 2020.

Youropa – Winter

In Youropa, you play as a colorful character making their way through topsy turvy landscapes where you paint, platform, and solve puzzles. The game is set to release in Winter later this year.

SUPERHOT – Available Today

After ongoing rumors, the time-stopping shooter is on Nintendo Switch. No, like, right now you can play the game! It’s available now!

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened – February 2020

Delve into dungeons and defeat a variety of enemies in Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. The Kickstarter title is set to release in February next year on Nintendo Switch and PC.

The Touryst – November 2019

In The Touryst, solve puzzles while on vacation! With its Minecraft like art style, it looks to be a game full of charm and pizzazz and is set to release in November later this year.

Skellboy – December 3

Skellboy is one of the more stylish and unique-looking games shown during the Indie World stream today. It’s set to arrive later in the year on December 3, 2019.

Creature in the Well – September 6

After going hands-on at PAX East earlier this year, Creature in the Well looks to be an indie that should be on everyone’s radar. Get a new look at the game because you won’t be waiting much longer. Creature in the Well is set to release on September 6.

All in all, it was a pretty good showing from Nintendo this morning and definitely should make you even more excited to own a Switch.

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