The Division 2 Live-Action Trailer is a Heart-Breaking Story from Director Nicholas Winding Refn

Building up to the game’s release next month, a live-action trailer from director Nicholas Winding Refn has arrived for The Division 2.

Coming off the release of the original game in 2016, The Division 2 seems like it is aiming to go even deeper into depicting a pseudo-post-apocalyptic America in which any sort of government order seems to have been relinquished, with the game’s newly-released live-action trailer capturing some of the emotion of a new world order.

Ubisoft has released the official live-action trailer for The Division 2 heading into its release next month, with the trailer itself capturing the struggles of a man holding on to the drawings left behind by his daughter. Contrasted with scenes of a war-torn Washington, D.C., the trailer makes an impact in highlighting the human struggles that prevail so often in life during wartime, giving us an idea of what to expect from The Division 2 in a few more weeks.

While live-action trailers are commonplace leading up to the release of major AAA games, the trailer for The Division 2 is notable for the fact that it was directed by Nicholas Winding Refn, the director behind films such as The Neon DemonDriveValhalla Rising, and several other films of the past few years.

Coming off the recent short film for Anthem directed by District 9 filmmaker Neill BlomkampThe Division 2‘s live-action trailer once again shows the power of utilizing filmmaking to capture the emotions and atmosphere that players can expect from the major game releases that accompany them.

The Division 2 will release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 15, 2019. For a closer look at the live-action trailer, you can check it out below:

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