The Jackbox Party Pack 6 Will Include New Games Dictionarium and Push the Button

“Push the Button” and “Dictionarium” are games three and two, respectively, for The Jackbox Party Pack 6 collection coming this fall.

It shouldn’t be too surprising that the folks at Jackbox Games can think of so many darn party game ideas, considering that it’s literally their job. Still, their turnout is impressive, and over the month, the studio has revealed the next two games that will be included in The Jackbox Party Pack 6. “Dictionarium” and “Push the Button,” the latter revealed through a blog post just yesterday, will join the previously-announced Trivia Murder Party 2.

First off, we have Dictionarium, which was announced earlier this month. Supporting three to eight players, this game will present players with a completely made-up word, with the objective being to come up with a definition for said made-up word. Players will vote on which definition from the players is the best, with later rounds also coming up with synonyms and example sentences for the word.

The newly-announced game Push the Button looks to make things personal between friends, which a premise that reminds me of Fakin’ It from The Jackbox Party Pack 3. It’s a high-concept premise, one that has the players having a strange alien encounter that leads to an infiltration. To ward out the aliens (with some players secretly taking on the role), the players will be given prompts, with the aliens receiving slightly modified versions of the prompts.

From there, players will have to determine who amongst them are aliens based on how strange some of the results may be. Whether the players are correct or not, the chosen will be jettisoned out of an airlock activated via button press. Push the Button supports four to ten players.

You can expect The Jackbox Party Pack 6 to arrive on all platforms that the previous games have been supported on, which includes the PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and even Fire TV. Check out the short intro trailers for both party games below, along with a few logos and screenshots of Push the Button. In the meantime, revisit our review of the fifth party pack game, written by yours truly.

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