The Last Guardian’s Fumito Ueda is Looking for a Publisher for His Next Project

Just three years after the release of The Last Guardian, creator Fumito Ueda is looking for a publisher for his next title.

In an extensive interview with Polygon about investment fund Kowloon Nights, The Last Guardian creator Fumito Ueda discusses prototyping his next title and looking for a publisher.

“The extensive prototyping period was worthwhile and we are making very good progress,” says Ueda. “I believe this project will showcase both unfamiliar and familiar elements in one.”

Ueda confirmed to Polygon that his team was prototyping with the no promises of making a game that gets publicly released. By doing this, it gave Ueda and his team a chance to focus on the game’s development, research, and design. Additionally, as the funding stage of the game’s development is wrapping up, Ueda and his team are ready to look for a publisher.

“They’re able to grasp the idea by just showing a gray-box level which eliminates the need for us to prepare an extensive presentation,” continues Ueda. “That valuable time is spent working on an actual game instead. When a partner isn’t as familiar with production and the steps of creating a game, there is a tendency to care more about the visuals, thus spending extra time perfecting that aspect rather than the core of the game’s design.”

The last update on Ueda’s next project was from last year where he said it’ll be on the scale as his previous games. Ueda’s last game was The Last Guardian which was released in December 2016. Additionally, developer Bluepoint Games released an HD remaster of Ueda’s PS2 title Shadow of the Colossus earlier last year.

While we wait for Ueda’s next title, Shadow of the Colossus and The Last Guardian are available now on PlayStation 4.

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