The Last of Us Gets a Touching Tribute to Joel & Ellie’s Relationship by Pixar Artist

Joel and Ellie’s relationship is perfectly captured in an animation by a Pixar artist, and shows why The Last of Us still resonates.

While it released over six years ago, The Last of Us has continued to be a huge source of inspiration for fan creations and art thanks to its compelling and emotional storytelling. That especially is due to the core relationship between its two main characters, Joel and Ellie, with these pieces of fan art that perfectly capture their strong connection.

These works were created by Nicolle Castro, a story artist at Pixar (who recently worked on Toy Story 4) that has also made numerous pieces of art and personal projects based around video games, including Shadow of the ColossusRed Dead Redemption 2, and many more.

Specifically, some recent art work from Castro is focused on The Last of Us, with the first being an animation that shows Ellie taking care of Joel after he sustained a grave injury near the end of the original game. Likewise, you can can also find below an illustration from Castro that shows the growth of Joel and Ellie’s relationship throughout the first game, giving a few glimpses at some of the most emotional (and heart-breaking) moments of the Naughty Dog classic.

For more of Castro’s work, you can check out her store for art prints here, and you can also check out her The Last of Us-inspired art down below:

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