The Last of Us Part II Launches in February 2020 with Four Different Editions

According to a source, The Last of Us Part II will release in February 2020 with four editions; a standard edition, a special edition, a collector’s edition, and an Ellie edition

The Last of Us Part II‘s release date has been a hot topic for some time ( it really does feel like forever at this point, doesn’t it?) with rumors on when it will launch. The latest buzz that’s been hovering over the video game community is that it will finally hit the shelves next year in February 2020 but of course, until it comes from the lips of Naughty Dog, we can never be too sure and we sure do know that the studio loves nothing more than to keep their fans on tenterhooks.

The latest report in The Last of Us Part II rumor mill is from shared from insider ZhugeEX, a Senior Analyst at Niko Investors, who has suggested that not only will the game be out in February 2020, but it’ll also come packing four different editions. The source of this information comes from a poster over on A9VG called Agentkicker who says that The Last of Us Part II  will launch with four varying versions of the game which will include a standard edition, a special edition, a collector’s edition, and an Ellie edition.

No other details were discussed on what these versions would include but it does sound really exciting, especially the Ellie edition which could, if true, come with an Ellie statue maybe? The Special Edition of the game will probably come with a steel bookcase, skins, a soundtrack and hopefully a season pass but until we know more, who knows what goodies it’ll be jammed with.

Although this information is still a rumor at this stage, the source of all of this had previously talked about a November launch for Death Stranding quite sometime prior to the trailer officially dropping which does add some merit to this.

Ashley Johnson, who plays Ellie in The Last of Us Part II, was asked just when the game would finally be arriving. Upon being asked the question, Johnson began to say, “I think it’s coming out in Fe-” before being cut off by the interviewer.

Hopefully, Naughty Dog will put us all out of our misery sooner rather than later regarding The Last of Us Part II’s release date, but until that time, at least we all know that the title is planned to arrive exclusively for PS4.

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