The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time VHS Shows Rare Beta Footage

The VHS shows off rare beta footage from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, including animation changes, gameplay changes, and more.

If you like rare things, and you like Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time you’re in for a treat. A YouTube channel has released a video that shows rare footage of the game in a pre-release state that was released as a special pre-order bonus VHS.

Uploaded on February 22 by Hard4Games, the video shows off a VHS case and tape which was a Blockbuster exclusive. The VHS itself was a pre-order bonus that arrived with customers months before the game itself was launched as confirmed by the owner of the tape, soulzonik from PSX Brasil, in the comments. They clarify that it was from Blockbuster in São Paulo and was made available to customers months before the game launched in 1998.

They also state that they didn’t believe the footage they saw in the VHS was rare, but as Hard4Games points out, there are numerous changes that can be seen when compared to the full release.

The video shows off some key moments from the VHS, but later plays it uninterrupted at 4:45. Initially, the footage is mostly showing off animation changes, graphical changes that were later enhanced, and gameplay changes, but it’s still incredibly interesting to watch.

We can see rare footage as small as Ganon smiling in the pre-release version but not as prominent in the retail version. The pre-release version also finds Link gaining a music note when he learns a new song, and there’s even footage showing Link’s attack not stopping his movement, which is what it does in the full release. It wasn’t possible for Link to swing his sword while moving until Twilight Princess according to numerous commenters.

The footage also has a voiceover that’s in Portuguese, but the video description has a translation.  Towards the end of the voiceover, it says, “Only one platform has the epic power of the 3D with 64-bit real-time Only an entertainment giant could bring all of this to your home. Get ready for the most awaited game of the new generation because Nintendo is bringing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time In the end of the year for the Nintendo 64 platforms all around the world The legend continues”

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