The Office Set Recreated in Far Cry 5 Looks Incredible

A dedicated fan has built the entire Dunder Mifflin office from the successful TV show The Office in Far Cry 5

The Office has become a staple of pop-culture for many but fans were left disappointed when they learned that the hit US TV show would be canceled after NBC Universal stated they are pulling the series from Netflix in 2021. Fear not though, as a dedicated fan has built the entire Dunder Mifflin office in Far Cry 5 in appreciation for the long-running show and hopes to publish the self-made map so that players can come and check it out too.

The creative fan in question here is Mojo Swoptops who has also made a YouTube video showcasing their creation. In the video, we witness the layout that The Office enthusiasts will recognize straight off the bat. The entire project from start to finish took Mojo 12 hours over the course of 7 nights which is a hell of a lot of dedication. For those of you who have an eagle-eye, you’ll notice lots of little easter eggs laying around which include the dropped pot of chili, Dwight’s exercise ball, the beer bottles under Meredith’s desk, the mannequin and knife in the conference room and even the fence between Dwight and Jim. Everywhere you look, you’ll find a reference to the show.

If this build gets your creative juices going and you’d love to create your own map, all you have to do go to the main menu on Far Cry 5 and there you’ll find an Arcade option. From there is the in-game map editor where you can play and build pretty much whatever you like!

In May, Ubisoft confirmed that Far Cry 5 is the “best units selling Ubisoft game on current-gen” consoles PS4 and Xbox One. If you enjoy seeing what players build in Far Cry 5, then check out this Big Bang Theory TV set crafted by gamer and level designer, Duncs.

Far Cry 5 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can also pick the game up on Amazon right now. Below you’ll find the video revealing Mojo’s build of The Office in Far Cry 5 – enjoy.

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