The Outer Worlds 43 Minute Gameplay Video

I got to play The Outer Worlds recently—check out the 43 minutes of gameplay I got to experience.

I got to play The Outer Worlds recently. Suffice to say, I think what I’ve seen so far is pretty great. You can check out my gameplay right here or on our YouTube channel.

The Outer Worlds should feel very familiar for fans of Obsidian’s RPGs. As someone who’s put over 1,200 hours into Fallout: New Vegas, I felt very at home.

The Outer Worlds operates with that same strong foundation. It’s a game that prioritizes player choice above all else–a prioritization that reverberates through every mechanic. I had a wide variety of weapons to tackle enemy encounters differently nearly every time. One fight would call for a blade, another would be better suited for a sniper rifle-minigun combo.

The dialogue felt similar. I tend to lean towards karmically good characters but sometimes I just had to mouth off to the corporate clown flinging taglines my way. Certain dialogue options are gated by a skill requirement, which tantalized my brain with ideas of what kind of character I want to create. This is probably my favorite part of The Outer Worlds so far. It’s a game tailor-made for role-playing.

And what a world to have at your disposal. The setting is perhaps the biggest thing that establishes Obsidian’s newest creation as a new intellectual property. As often as this game gets rightly compared to Fallout, I’ve never seen a world quite like Monarch.

I was told I could go pretty much wherever I wanted when I was placed at the crossroads you see at the beginning of my gameplay. Part of me wanted to head to Fallbrook to complete my main mission, but another part of me wanted to explore the weird wilderness all around. I’m glad I chose to go off the main path.

I finished playing more excited to start this game with my own character than ever. You can experience the weird web of corporate worlds in The Outer Worlds when it releases on Oct. 25 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Switch owners will eventually get their day as well.

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