The Outer Worlds is Coming to Nintendo Switch

Even though it won’t be launching in October alongside other platforms, The Outer Worlds is now coming to the Switch in the future.

Essentially out of nowhere this morning, Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division announced that the upcoming RPG The Outer Worlds will be releasing on one additional platform alongside PS4, Xbox One, and PC in the future.

Yes, a Switch version of The Outer Worlds is now officially on the way. Obsidian says that developer Virtuos is handling the port for this iteration of the game. While The Outer Worlds is planned to release later this year in October for other platforms, the Switch version won’t be launching at that point in time. Instead, this port will be coming further down the road at an unspecified date.

Even though Switch owners will have to wait a bit longer to play The Outer Worlds though, it’s pretty cool that the game is coming to that platform. Assuming that the port is well-done and makes the transition to Nintendo’s console well, I could see it being a great place to play the title. That’s kind of redundant to say at this point though as the Switch typically proves to be a great place to play just about every game.

Alongside the Switch version announcement, Obsidian and Nintendo also released a new video talking about this port and generally explaining just what The Outer Worlds is all about. If you want to get caught up with this title for yourself, the video attached at the bottom of the page should get you up to speed.

The Outer Worlds will launch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 25, 2019. We’ll keep you posted about the Switch version’s launch window moving forward.

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