The Outer Worlds Trailer Welcomes You to the Halycon Colony

The Outer Worlds for PC, PS4, and Xbox One fro Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division has received a quirky overview trailer.

The Outer Worlds has caught the eyes of many not just because of it clearly being the spiritual successor to Obsidian Entertainment’s Fallout: New Vegas that many RPG fans were looking for, but because it has an interesting, corporation-controlled world as well. Some may still not be familiar with the ins and outs of the Halcyon Colony where the game takes place, so Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive, released a brand new trailer giving a great overview of the places players will explore in The Outer Worlds.

Of course, doing so in a standard overview trailer style would be boring, so the video is framed as an infomercial of sorts that is trying to entice people to come to the Halcyon colony. The video starts with Terra-2, the most populated planet of The Outer Worlds, before moving on to Monarch, a planet with less people but more wild and dangerous aliens. Sticking with the game’s tone, there is a clear pro-corporation spin on everything, as the video also ties in work to each location while throwing around questionable terms such as “company approved social clubs.”

After showing players around the Halcyon colony, the trailer moves onto elements like weapons and leveling up under the guise of jobs and career advancement. The Outer Worlds has plenty of quirky weapons, so it is awesome to see more of them in action. It even manages to touch on the game’s unique flaw system that has players choose to be fearful of something, and get debuffs from it, in order to gain an extra skill point.

If you want a decent look at everything this game has to offer before it releases on October 25, 2019, watch the trailer below. The Outer Worlds for PC, PS4, and Xbox One can also be pre-ordered on Amazon right now. The game is also coming to Nintendo Switch in the future. 

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