The Room’s Tommy Wiseau is Apparently Even Playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons

What a story, Mark.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has only been out for one week at this point but it seems like the entire world is playing the game. Seriously, if you’ve been on social media platforms like Twitter or Reddit since last Friday, it has been virtually impossible to not have been exposed to something related to Nintendo’s latest entry in the long-running lifestyle-sim franchise.

Still don’t believe me? Well, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has even started popping up in some truly strange places like that of the Twitter feed for The Room actor, writer, and director, Tommy Wiseau. Recently on the social media site, Wiseau posted a picture of what seems to be his home and character from Animal Crossing and it contained plenty of Easter eggs related to The Room. Not only does Wiseau’s house in the game contain a football sitting on a desktop, a famous piece of iconography from the beloved bad film, but he even has a piece of art hanging up in the background that is a still frame of himself from the movie.

As the famed creator of what is considered “the Citizen Kane of bad movies,” Tommy has actually been no stranger to gaming over the years. In the past, Wiseau, believe it or not, actually had a let’s play series on YouTube in conjunction with Machinima where he played a variety of different games ranging from Dark Souls to Duke Nukem Forever. The series was also wittingly called “The Tommy Wi-Show.”

It’s also worth noting that Wiseau himself might not actually be the one playing Animal Crossing even though this tweet seems to indicate the opposite. While the way in which this image from New Horizons was posted seems to have come from the Switch’s share functionality, Wiseau has also been known to just post dumb memes on his official account that he often sees pop-up across the internet. This could be one of those instances, but it’s hard to really know just based on this tweet alone.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. If you aren’t actively playing the game, then as former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime would say, “What’s wrong with you?

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