The Sinking City for Nintendo Switch is Releasing Surprisingly Soon

The Sinking City will finally be released digitally for Nintendo Switch on September 12, 2019.

While Frogwares’ The Sinking City was absent from yesterday’s awesome Nintendo Direct, the developer still revealed more about the game this week. The latest trailer for the Nintendo Switch port confirms that The Sinking City will be releasing on September 12. Check it out below:

That is just a week away! Alongside this release date announcement, Frogwares also commented on its price and the lack of a physical release. The regular version of the game will cost $49.99, though a $64.99 Deluxe Edition with additional missions will also be available for pre-order prior to the port’s release. That being said, The Sinking City will only be available digitally on Nintendo Switch for now.

Frogwares’ Communications Manager Sergey Oganesyan put out a lengthy statement on the matter, explaining that this version of The Sinking City is self-published and that there would have been a major delay if they did a physical release. “We initially wanted to do a physical release – we know lots of players prefer these – but we were eventually forced to put this off for now. We didn’t want to take too long to release the game on the Nintendo Switch, but going into the logistics and distribution of physical editions would push the release back by months. Frogwares is self-publishing this version but we’re not a big company and don’t have  the resources to handle such a complex process ourselves.”

This announcement may be disappointing to some who would rather pick The Sinking City up physically on Nintendo Switch, though Oganesyan does mention that Frogwares “might release a physical edition later.” It is also worth noting that the Nintendo Switch version of The Sinking City serves as a definitive edition of sorts for the game with some AI and shooting improvements that aren’t in the other versions of the game.

If you’ve been holding out on trying out this game and don’t mind that it isn’t available physically, this Nintendo Switch port may prove to be the best version of the game yet. The Sinking City is already available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with Frogwares releasing it for Nintendo Switch on their own come September 12.

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