The Surge 2 Has Gone Gold

Deck13 has now wrapped up its initial work on The Surge 2.

Ahead of its arrival next month, Focus Home Interactive announced today that The Surge 2 has now gone gold.

If you’re unaware of what “going gold” means, it’s a term that is used to signify that work on The Surge 2 has now been completed. With Deck13’s initial work now finished, Focus Home will move towards shipping the game before its launch date arrives later next month. Meanwhile, Deck13 will likely continue to work on the game through launch and, like most other titles nowadays, will push out a day one patch for the game on all platforms once it drops.

We were able to preview The Surge 2 last month and said that it is, “better, stronger, [and] faster than ever before.” If you were a fan of the first game in the series, it seems like this sequel will be a step up in nearly every major way. There haven’t been a ton of Souls-like games that have released in 2019, but if you’ve been craving one, The Surge 2 seems like it’s set to deliver.

Below you can find a brief new video for the game embedded within this tweet announcing the game’s gold status. The Surge 2 is out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC next month on September 24.

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