The Witcher 3 Fan-Made Switch Dock Looks Like It Came Straight from Skellige

One crafty Reddit user is prepping for The Witcher 3’s upcoming release on Nintendo Switch with their own custom-made Switch dock.

While it first released over four years ago, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has continued to be a source of incredible fan creations like cosplay, fan art, and in the case of one fan, a uniquely-made accessory for the game’s upcoming release on Nintendo Switch.

Following the announcement by Nintendo at E3 2019 that The Witcher 3 will come to Switch later this year, Reddit user LestatsMods-com shared images of a custom-made portable Switch dock that is themed entirely around CD Projekt Red’s acclaimed epic RPG.

The dock itself is painted to look like it might have come from the world of The Witcher, and it looks the part even more with the game’s logo on the front and the iconic wolf medallion that Geralt wears around his neck. Even more impressive is the fact that it even has glowing LED lights to make it feel even more authentic.

Originally released on consoles and PC in May 2015, the next iteration of The Witcher 3 will be the Switch version that will pack in the original game, its two expansions, and all previously-released DLC onto one Switch cartridge. While the screenshots released for the Switch version show that the game (obviously) won’t have quite the same level of visual splendor as its original versions, it’s still an impressive feat that CD Projekt Red seems to have gotten a game as big as The Witcher 3 into such a small setting.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and will be coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year. For a closer look at the custom The Witcher 3 Switch dock, you can check out the images below (via LestatsMods-com on Reddit):

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