The Witcher Netflix Series Reveals First Look at Roach

The famed horse belonging to Geralt of Rivia has now been revealed from Netflix’s upcoming show The Witcher.

Just a few weeks back, Netflix unveiled some of the first images from Netflix’s upcoming The Witcher series which gave us new looks at characters like Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer. However, one major character from the franchise’s history had yet to be seen. Until now, that is.

Upon hearing the cries from fans, Netflix finally gave us our first look at Geralt’s trusty steed Roach today via a new image from the show. The picture sees Henry Cavill’s take on Geralt riding upon Roach through a dimly lit area. There not much else to say about Roach itself other than, yep, that sure is a horse alright.

While there’s nothing really groundbreaking to see from today’s new image, we should, hopefully, be getting some more substantial news about Netflix’s The Witcher later this week. The show is set to have a panel taking place this Friday, July 19, at San Diego Comic-Con. If we’re lucky, perhaps this will be where we get to see an initial trailer for the show. At this point, that’s really all I’m looking forward to from this project. New images can only go so far for so long.

Of course, if The Witcher’s first trailer is released later this week, we’ll share it with you here on DualShockers once it goes live.

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