They Gave Weezing a Hat and a Mustache and I Can’t Stop Laughing

Weezing is now a classy English bong.

When I woke up this morning, I didn’t think my new favorite Pokemon ever created would be debuting, but here we are.

Look, we already reported on the new Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer that came out today, but this new Galarian form Weezing is so wild that I needed to dedicate an entire article to ranting about how glorious this thing is. I mean, just look at it:

They Gave Weezing a Hat and a Mustache and I Can't Stop Laughing

There’s seriously so much going on with this new Weezing design and I love it all so much. At first glance, it just looks like they gave Weezing a large pair of hats for each of his two heads along with some facial hair as well. Weezing now looks like a classy English gentleman (or Doug Dimmadome), which is perfect since Sword and Shield’s Galar region is supposed to be based on England.

The design gets even better though once you realize that the “hats” are supposed to double as smokestacks, which makes sense given the kind of Pokemon that Weezing is. Perhaps best of all though, whether intentional or not, is that this new Weezing design also just flat-out looks like a bong. We’ve already had an ice cream Pokemon, a lamp Pokemon, and another that’s just literally a set of keys. I guess Game Freak decided we now needed a bong Pokemon, too.

Honestly though, one of my least favorite things about Pokemon Sun and Moon was how the devs opted to recycle so many Pokemon from the Kanto region and give them new forms. I’d always prefer to get entirely new ‘mons rather than just past ones with new forms. But with this Weezing, I’m willing to make an exception. Who said Game Freak can’t design Pokemon well anymore?

This new Weezing just looks so darn stupid and I start to laugh every time I see it. For my money, this is the best Pokemon design of all-time. Thank you, Game Freak for this blessing. My excitement for Pokemon Sword and Shield has now shot way up.

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