This Hand-Drawn Wind Waker Controller is the Coolest Thing You Will See Today

Someone perfectly drew and recaptured a Wind Waker scene on the top of a GameCube controller of all places.

The Zelda community has some of the best fans in the entire world. Fans run through a list of the best games in the franchise year after year and turn to the internet to express their artistic fandom. We have seen everything from recreations of the 3D titles made in the 2D Game Boy games and recreations of Hyrule Castle in Minecraft. Now, someone has recreated a scene from one of my favorite Zelda titles on top of a GameCube controller of all places!

Lyndon Willoughby drew up when Link first arrives at the Tower of the Gods in the Wind Waker on the top of a GameCube controller. The idea sounds a bit strange in theory but everything lines up very well to create one of the most creative drawings I have ever seen. You can take a look the drawing yourself in the attached tweet below and make sure to give them a follow on Twitter as well to keep up with their work.

I had just recently gone and completed Wind Waker HD on my Wii U a month or two ago so maybe this piece is resonating a bit more for that reason. Yes, I dusted off the old Wii U and in fact, I still think it is one of the most underrated systems to have ever come out. The novelty of just laying in bed and playing your games on the gamepad was pretty cool. The only downside was the huge clunky Fischer Price style controller that made it feel cheap. Anyways, don’t sell off your gaming hardware. You never know when you will want to return to a game just like how I returned to one of my favorite Zelda titles.

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