This is the Police 2 Comes to Mobile Next Month

This is the Police 2 finally comes to mobile devices on September 12 courtesy of developer HandyGames.

When This is the Police 2 launched during the summer of 2018, it was a solid game that did a good job of building on what people liked in its predecessor. The game didn’t set the world on fire, but its narrative focus made it a title worth your time. Now, the game will soon be available to an even wider audience when it releases on mobile devices in mid-September. Give the short announcement trailer a watch below.

Like the mobile version of the first This is the Police, the port is being handled by HandyGames. The studio has handled a number of mobile ports, including games like Titan Quest Mobile and the upcoming Lock’s Quest. Given their track record and experience from This is the Police, I would expect the port to be well-handled.

For my money, this seems like a release that will find a great home on a tablet. The story-driven experience seems like it would be better suited to longer play sessions than I tend to play on my phone. That said, it should work either way. The game mixes some XCOM-like combat with elements of management and visual novel games. It’s certainly an ambitious feature set and, while it doesn’t always hit the mark, I will probably be picking this one up upon release.

This is the Police 2 is out on Android and iOS on September 12. The game is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. So check it out there if you can’t wait for September.

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