THQ Nordic Just Raised Over $200 Million to be Used on More Acquisitions

Looks like THQ Nordic is preparing to go on another spending spree soon.

Publisher THQ Nordic has been buying up studios and old IPs for quite some time now and it doesn’t seem like they have any intention of stopping in the near future.

Just yesterday, THQ Nordic raised around $225 million by issuing 11 million new Class B shares. Investors jumped on this quickly and THQ Nordic found itself with a new chunk of change.

As for what THQ Nordic will be doing with this newfound capital, well, you guessed it: time to buy more stuff. In a statement, THQ Nordic said this money will be used to “finance new acquisitions of franchises, game development studios or other assets which complement the operations, and to enable a higher rate of investment in the development of the Company.” Basically, it seems as though THQ Nordic isn’t done building out its portfolio in the slightest just yet.

As we reported last week, THQ Nordic during its last fiscal quarter had 77 games that were actively in development. Some of these titles have been revealed to the public already, but a vast majority are still being kept under wraps. Even though it has become somewhat of a running gag any time THQ Nordic acquires a new IP or studio, it seems as though they’re actively working on many of the projects that they have purchased. When many of these secretive projects will be unveiled though remains to be seen.

The moves that THQ has made over the past few years have definitely been intriguing and I’m always interested in seeing what they do next. It seems likely that we’ll be reporting on some new acquisitions that the publisher has made in coming months and when that happens, we’ll fill you in on the details.

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