THQ Nordic Will Seemingly Reveal Four New Games Prior to Gamescom

It seems like THQ Nordic has a lot up its sleeve that it’s preparing to unveil over the next month.

With Gamescom 2019 set to take place right around the corner, publishers THQ Nordic today divulged what it has in store for the world’s largest gaming convention.

As seen via a new trailer that THQ Nordic pushed out today, it shows all of the titles that will be available for play next month at the company’s floor space. In total, six games will be available for play and include BiomutantDesperados IIIDarksiders GenesisDestroy All Humans, and Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated.

As you may notice, I stated that there will be six games available for play in total but I only listed five. Well, that’s because THQ Nordic says one of the games that will be on the show floor has yet to be revealed. No additional info on this mystery game was unveiled other than that it would be announced “soon.”

Furthermore, THQ went on to say that it has three other games that will be coming to Gamescom that will only be available to be seen behind closed doors. One of these games specifically is set to be revealed during the Gamescom opening night live stream which will take place on Monday the week of the show. As for the other two, news on what they might be or when they’ll be announced was not provided.

So basically, it seems as though THQ Nordic has four new games up its sleeve that will potentially be announced prior to Gamescom starting. As for what these new games could be specifically, well, it’s a bit hard to say. One possible title could be a new Red Faction game, which seemingly leaked a couple of months back on Nvidia’s official website. The other games could be anything from TimeSplitters to Alone in the Dark. Considering the sheer number of IP that THQ Nordic owns, it’s hard to make any specific guesses.

Regardless of what THQ Nordic has cooked up, it shouldn’t be long until we hear more about these mystery projects. Gamescom 2019 is set to take place next month starting on Tuesday, August 20 and will last through August 24.

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