Three Houses New Trailer Arrives Ahead of Launch

Get another look at Fire Emblem: Three Houses ahead of its release.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is likely the most anticipated game of many due out this month and prior to release, Nintendo has now let loose a brief new trailer for the title.

This new video for Fire Emblem: Three Houses is only about thirty seconds in length but it shows off some new gameplay footage in the process. If you’re unfamiliar with Three Houses, this trailer also quickly pitches you on the game’s core concepts. After picking your own house to lead early on in the game, you’ll then have to lead your army to war. The choices you make throughout Fire Emblem: Three Houses will have a rather drastic outcome on what happens throughout the game. This video also shows off a few new sequences from the game’s cutscenes.

On a personal note, I’m really struggling with my own feelings towards Fire Emblem: Three Houses. I’m not the biggest fan of strategy games and I’ve never actually played a game in the Fire Emblem series before despite so many friends and colleagues suggesting that I give it a go. I think Three Houses actually looks pretty fun, but I still don’t know if I’d be able to stick it out for the game’s supposed runtime. What do you think though? Should I finally make Three Houses my first foray into this franchise? Let me know in the comments.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is set to arrive exclusively on the Nintendo Switch later this month on July 26. To hold you over until release, you can find the latest trailer attached below.

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