Three Kingdoms: Domination, is an MMO strategy game available to pre-order in the SEA regions for Android

goGame have announced that their upcoming MMO strategy game Three Kingdoms: Domination is available now to pre-register for Android in the SEA regions. This will be followed by a closed, global beta test on the 5th November, with more details on how to be involved in that coming soon.

In Three Kingdoms: Domination you will choose if you want to serve emperor of the Wei, Shu or Wu Kingdom. Once you’ve selected your allegiance you’ll set off to conquer neighbouring capitals so that you can claim their land as your own.

To do this, you’re obviously going to need a pretty sizeable army. You’ll have over 100 heroes to choose from to lead your army into battle. You’ll be able to train them to unlock their potential so they can become even more potent on the battlefield. The troops themselves will be divided into three types – cavalry, archers and infantry. You’ll most likely need to maintain a good balance of all three to give yourself the most strategic flexibility possible.

Naturally, if you’re off conquering various other kingdoms, people are probably going to decide to fight back and try to take yours. Therefore the game will also have resource management aspects where you’ll have to gather various resources to upgrade your fortresses. You’ll also need to collect gold to buy various upgrades for your army.

If that sounds too much to do by yourself you’ll be able to join clans with other players to increase your numbers further. This will give you exclusive access to a clan shop and unique buildings. Once your clan is ready for battle you can fight other clans in PVP matches for both glory and new territory.

Three Kingdoms: Domination is available for pre-register on Google Play for Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Pre-orders on the App Store are expected to go live next week. More information can also be found on their official website

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