Tim Willits Has Moved to Saber Interactive Following Departure from id Software

Willits has been named the new CCO of Saber Interactive.

Prior to QuakeCon 2019 last month, id Software’s studio director Tim Willits announced that he would be leaving the company. While Willits didn’t say where he would be moving to at the time, today, he has finally made that announcement.

Willits revealed on Twitter today that he is now the chief creative officer at Saber Interactive. Willits says that his new role will be to oversee the “creative vision” of five different studios that Saber has. Willits also said that he has had this role since the start of this month on August 1.

In a statement given to Fortune, Willits said part of what attracted him to Saber was the smaller nature of the company. “I’m not saying anything bad about Bethesda—I love them—but smaller teams are exciting and fun,” Willits said. “When someone has a good idea, we jump on it. If it doesn’t work out, we change it quick.”

Saber is a smaller player in the video game industry at the moment, but they look to be growing. Having been around for nearly twenty years, Saber has started to hit more of a stride lately with releases such as World War Z, which quietly sold very well earlier this year. Saber will also be releasing Ghostbusters: The Video Game – Remastered later this year and is also working on the Switch port of The Witcher III: Wild Hunt.

With Willits now overseeing the work of Saber moving forward, it should be interesting to see what the publisher continues to release in the coming years.

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