Tomorrow's Halloween-themed Fortnitemares event gets official start time

Knockin’ on Kevin’s door.

Epic is dusting off its sack of Halloween swag and readying to smother its brand-new Season 2 battle royale map in spookiness for the return of its Fortnitemares event tomorrow.

We knew it was coming, thanks to various teases from Epic over last week, but it’s now confirmed that Fortnitemares will be kicking off tomorrow, 29th October, at 1pm GMT/6 am PT.

There’s no word yet on what this year’s Fortnitemares will bring, but the usual selection of limited-time, event-specific challenges and rewards are practically guaranteed – and we do have a single teaser image with which to occupy our minds until everything is revealed in full. So, are we siding on tentacles or mandibles?

Well, which is it?

Whatever tomorrow’s event brings, it’ll have to go all-out to make the same impact as last year’s Fortnitemares. That event arrived at a high-point in Epic’s ongoing Fortnite narrative, following weeks of curious activity as much-loved cube of evil, Kevin, left his sinister mark on the game’s map. Admittedly, the PvE-focussed Cube Monsters that eventually emerged as a result weren’t exactly, it’s fair to say, a fan-favourite, so there’s definite room for improvement.

This year, fans are still settling into Fortnite 2.0, with ne’er a hint of any oncoming darkness to be found in its squeaky new world. As such, it’ll be fascinating to see exactly how Fortnitemares – Season 2’s first world-changing event – unfolds. All will be revealed, hopefully with a resolution to that whole tantacle/mandible thing, tomorrow.

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