Top 15 best .io games on Android



Publisher: Crescent Moon Games

This 3D arena battler sees you chucking axes at your foes as a Viking warrior. is far more fleshed out than your average .io game, with multiple modes and a pronounced progression system. It’s the .io genre all grown up.


Publisher: Miniclip

Genre: Action, Multiplayer

Here’s the game that started the whole .io craze off in the first place. is all about growing your cell as much as possible, gobbling up the smaller play cells as you go. It looks pretty ropey these days, but still plays great.


Crash of Cars

Crash of Cars

It’s not labelled as an .io game, but Crash of Cars certainly follows the ‘every person for themselves’ .io template. This time, though, the carnage is automotive and the graphics are uncommonly slick.


Publisher: Miniclip

Genre: Casual

The creator of returned with a cracking take on the genre he spawned. is an altogether deeper, richer, and more tactical affair with tanks.


Developer: MochiBits

Publisher: MochiBits

Genre: Multiplayer

As you might expect from a game called, it’s full of six-sided shapes. The gameplay is a little more tactical than usual, too, requiring you to fence off territory using your coloured tail.


Developer: Kongregate

Genre: Multiplayer

The .io genre has always been the bright and breezy brother of the Battle Royale genre, and brings the two even closer. It’s essentially a top-down, heavily simplified PUBG.


Probably the cutest .io game on the market, is also a little bit different. You’re still gobbling and growing, but both of those activities are handled with a little more nuance and variety than normal.

8 2

Developer: Voodoo

Publisher: Voodoo

Genre: Multiplayer 2 2 isn’t particularly original (heck, it’s even a sequel), but it is one of the brightest and slickest .io games out there. It’s one of those where you must cordon off areas if you want to expand, adding a dose of risk and reward.

9 3D

Developer: Voodoo

Publisher: Voodoo

Genre: Multiplayer 3D

We’ve featured 2 elsewhere on this list. 3D offers the same basic territory-colouring premise, only… wait for it… in 3D.


Publisher: Wondersquad

Genre: Action

Most .io games are not particularly pretty or packed full of detail. is both, with 100 player-controlled 3D robots waging glorious war on one another.


This wintery take on .io sees you rolling up giant snowballs, then pinging them into your opponent in a bid to send them spinning out of the arena. Lovely.


Developer: Alictus

Publisher: Alictus

Genre: Multiplayer

An appealingly chunky, 3D take on the whole multiplayer Snake concept. Slither your creature around an object-filled town, knocking stuff over and fencing rivals in.


Brutal adds a savagely tactile edge to the .io genre by requiring you to drag a giant spiked ball behind your car, swinging and flinging it into your opponents.


Developer: Kooapps

Publisher: Kooapps

Genre: Multiplayer

It’s Snake, but multiplayer. Or, if you want to be cooler, a casual version of the Tron bike-maze game. Guide your creature around an arena, attempting to trick your enemies into crashing into your extended tail.

15 pinched the ‘control a hole’ premise from Donut County ahead of that game’s launch, which was a bit naughty. But it then applied that to the massively multiplayer .io genre, so it’s not a total clone. And it’s undoubtedly fun.

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